Friday, August 20, 2010

the parade in Amsterdam

Luv this illustration
Yum, self-made poffertjes...and now for some butter & sugar..
Yes, we went in this THING...I came out grey-ish-green (normally I am a very green person, this green, not so good...), kids wanted to go again...and again..
luv her dress and all, in the corner there was a Tee which said, " I am a big fan of Sean Penn" with a big picture beneath of Brad Pitt, should have bought, hahaaaaaaa...
what can I say...yum
and more yum..
The parade is now in Amsterdam, lots of shows, yummie food, silent disco (you dance with your I pod on, it 's hilarious) for young & old, also the candy... ; )
de parade (till sunday)

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