Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sunday market

As I mentioned, kind of after my stall was ready to go, I had a coffee from the espresso fabriek, yum what a treat, thanx neighbour!
me, myself and I , meaning my stall, blue skies, nice people, great day. Cause I was standing alone I didn' t have time to wonder around and make some snaps of the other gorgeous stalls. I owe you one...Behind me there was a lady selling halter dresses for kids made out of old rock T-shirts, from Kiss, Nirvana, Roling Stones, they really rocked, those girls looked so cute.
next to me, she really makes the coolest stuff herself, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and more and more
green stone belt, cool...
and here's my other friend selling her own clothing line, boys essentials, how cool is that, it's for boys with age 4-12
check out her website
and who did I miss..yep... Lisa & Jo, come over next time! There were no stalls with stuff like you
I'll do some more posts about the other stalls...


  1. Hi Bieb!
    My name is ana and I'm a colleague of yours over at BYW E-course. You have a really nice blog and I hope to visit you more often! EWspecially because you talke about Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities in Europe!
    See you around!

  2. thanks SO much for the mention xxx