Tuesday, September 21, 2010

your cup of tea

   saakje is a Dutch product designer specializing in ceramics. She is inspired by her two fascinations, making ceramics and baking cakes. The ceramics can be used as normal dinner-service, but you can also bake cakes in the cups and large dishes. This cup is like a glazed cupcake, like, like, like...
pre baked
This is special huwelijks servies (wedding gift tableware), you can customize them with names & dates of the one you received it from, luv it!
Saakje loves baking, she ll bring her own baking bar to your party and bake there a la minute, cupcakes, cookies, cakes....I can already smell it... bak bar


  1. Absolutely my cup of tea!!! Super nice! Worth your mansion!!!

  2. ...and the cookies!!! But I do love her ideas and designs!!