Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Illuminated parfume

Eco luxe, an intoxicating golden elixir from the illuminated perfume collection. Experience the natural aroma. A trio of three different handmade solid perfume minis, each in a lovely pink pot with my iconic honeybee wax seal. Created with vital plant materials this is true natural perfume from nature. There are many different parfumes, here's a few...
LYRA: Jasmine and ylang ylang. Very feminine. There's lots of different choices. Packages are so sweet.
SIERRA SOLID GOLD: Spicy, sweet, evergreens.
AURORA: An Ambery, floral spice. Delicious.
TERRESTRE: Melody to earth, amber and chocolate notes.
"Q": A Warm, Sweet Wood with incense and a hint of smoke.
CHAPARRAL®: Sweet and vegetative wood with incense.
VERA: Warm sunkissed Lavender and Sage

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