Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Carlos Santana is one of the original Hands That Shape Humanity participants. His message was "What makes you important is how well you utilize three things. Your light, your love and your joy. "  Don't you agree...?
Hands jewellery is hand crafted by Wayan, a young artisan in Bali. Wayan works alone supporting his family.

 Hands that shape humanity celebrates the essential belief that every person can and must participate in the shaping of humanity. We value community and connection, locally and globally, and care about the impact we have on each other, because we are all connected and part of one story. We care about the social, ethical and environmental origins of our products, their impact on the earth and the people who help create them. We embrace fair trade and sustainable, low impact practices at every step from concept to distribution. We seek to add value to our world and its people without depleting or exhausting our natural resources. I couldn' t have said it better, what a beautiful message to bring into the world.
Wish you a day full of light, love & joy

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