Thursday, May 19, 2011

My last two...

My last 2 purchases before I started on a shopping diet for 1 year..No I am not being dramatic, but very happy with these 2 items...They may not win the sexy price but they are grrreat...My black birkies..And I think my feet love them too...Victoria Beckham will not agree I guess..

Kuyichi neneh no zip this one is called, the legs are not that they look on the pics,
great fit, soft jeans, organic denim jeans, yeey...Try one and you'll see you never want a different one..Kuyichi is the first jeans brand to make pure denim out of organic cotton. More than 25 % of all insecticides used globally are used for growing cotton. These denims are made with respect to people and planet, let's support that...and be fashionable as well...
love the world

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