Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wear your heart on your sleeve...

Love hearts are all very well, but real hearts are masterpieces of design. I bought these Y 
Tilly is the best...I know I've written about her before, she is sooooooo worth it...Her designs are so original and beautiful..

Mother & child necklace, what a beauty...

This stunning 3-part necklace features 3 funny finches in a row.

Damask Swallow Necklace

This is the secretive Red Bird of Night, who sleeps in his forest nest during the day. When the sun sets, he wakes and flies off to the city where his knowing eyes look down at the world below, from rooftops and lampposts.
Butterflies in your!!!

 The cuffs were for my docter friend, every doctor should have one of those...Wear your heart on your sleeve....Y

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