Monday, July 11, 2011

Nellie Tier New Zealand

pretty & pure lable

dog wash, fantastic!!

Nellie Tier is a hand blended range of face, body and bath products that are safe, natural, fresh – and sensuously luxurious. The philosophy is based on the age old practices of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. They are convinced of the therapeutic properties of plants – herbs, seeds, leaves, nuts, flowers – and their ability to heal, feed, and nourish the skin. In each of their products they blend botanical extracts and pure essential oils in formulas carefully developed for maximum effectiveness. To ensure freshness and quality all the raw materials are sourced in small quantities and our products are hand measured, mixed and poured in small batches.
The only animals they test on is themselves....
This is a family business named after a grandmother Nellie Tier. She shares the label with another, Maud Mounteney, and with our mothers and aunts in a tribute to two generations of loving, intelligent and resourceful women who taught us to believe we could try anything. They are joined by our sisters, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and great-nieces in an ever expanding label that needs constant updating.
Made in New Zealand, it's a pearl...

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