Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn can come now...

 Shawl (above) and laptop bag (below) are such a cool (& warm) rough knits. You can buy them at cute & fab

& organic & original

& made with lovvve store

I just lovvvvv these rough nits, wow!! OK Autumn, you may come now...
made by Amsterdam girl
made of 100 % gotland wool (that's my first...)
Have a warm day

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  1. I feel honored that you have posted this item.. These are my designs, and love to hear that you like them so much.

    But I think we have met at coffee company Beethovenstraat. I worked there and have had the label Namastee with M. Neelen. Didn't we share a market stand at Sunday market a couple of years ago..?

    yolande / yolandesep.blogspot.com

    ps: the second weekend of November I will give a workshop knitting at beter & leuk, you will make your own roughly knitted shawl.. If you wanna join, just say it.