Friday, October 7, 2011

Fair mail

Your morning couldn't be better when you walk to the door and see you received some nice mail, i mean real mail, mail that comes in an envelope..isn't it really nice to receive some now and then, yes...
well here's a good reason to send some again...
FairMail is a company producing fair trade greeting cards with photos made in Peru and India.
The photos on FairMail cards are taken by underprivileged Indian and Peruvian teenagers. FairMail offers them photography training, part-time work, medical insurance and guidance in making their future plans.

The teenagers get 50 % of the profits of the sale of their own cards to finance their housing and education. 
How's that for a win win win situation and the cards are really nice! I am goin to send one right now..
You can order below on website, you just have to press send...
* happy weekend *

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