Sunday, February 19, 2012


Soulshine is jewelry with meaning. Every jewel is handmade in Bali with love and a special intention that will support you - this can be either an emotional, spiritual or physical benefit. You can pick your jewel based on what you need right now - your intention - or simply see what you are intuitively attracted to.
We make sure that every gemstone, pendant and Talisman is chosen with utmost care for quality and its specific healing property. Before leaving the island, they are all blessed by a Balinese Priest to serve only the highest good for the person owning it. So don't forget to give your chosen piece a special intention before wearing it. It will work for you.What a nice thought and great idea, go check out her website...and stay focusssssed on your intention...; ) how hard can that be...hahaha... soulshine shop    * * *

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