Thursday, March 29, 2012


Chillp designs tees, sweaters & pants to guide you through your chilled out weekends or never ending parties. Super soft fabrics, selected with care, and big prints to make you look cool...
Every item is a limited edition, made by hand; graphics are not printed more as 50 times so you will always have an unique piece! I know these are sold out, but i like the claw pants & sweats...they look super comfy and cool, what a great combination....Also have a look on their website, it's cool...what else...

Chillp was founded somewhere in between lots of coffees in London, Amsterdam raves and Florence fabric outlets. Completely in the spell of the underground clubbing scene’ Chillp started designing clothes that would be perfect for a party, but more important, also for all the long following after hours. With the words Comfort and Cool always in the back of his mind Chillp began to knit and sew a varied range of clothes. Now 2 years later Chillp has become a familiar face in the clubbing scene of Amsterdam, available at a small number of stores through the Netherlands and a well known guest at festivals & parties.
They will be on the sundaymarket in Amsterdam april 1st..

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