Friday, March 23, 2012

Join the pipe (again..)

Yesterday was world water day.
i wrote lots of times already about join the pipe and it's so worth it..So if this is your first here's the story.
This is the short story of the longest water pipe in the world.
Once upon a time there was a world where half of the people wasted 70 liters of drinkable water everyday just to flush their toilets, while, at the same time, the other half was dying of thirst.

Then, at the beginning of 2009 two friends living in the Netherlands, a country constantly threatened by floods and too much water - had the dream to re - distribute water in a fairer way.
They started to think about how to do that. They thought they needed a sort of very long water pipe. Long enough to bring water where there was none. But that was a massive thing to do for only two people.

That's how they came up with - the first social community of tap water drinkers. The idea of the two friends was to design a set of bottles that resembled a water pipe element, then sell it to all the members of the communicty and with the money raised they would finance the installation of pumps, wells and other water projects in Africa and Asia.

you can also buy this water tap station...(for your office, at your school, university....)

and this little beauty is a limited edition, so go go go...
So with the money for this bottle they will build waterstations in Africa and Asia and you will use less plastic win win win for everybody...and it's a super Birthday gift...Join the pipe hallelujaaaaa...

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