Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kindness for free

here's kindness for free, such a great intitiative started by
designers company 178 aardige ontwerpers. Translated that would be 178 friendly designers, this is one of the best company names i ever came across, so funny...haha why not 177 or 179...anyways, they started a kind of movement to put some more positivity into this world, by giving (for free) original presents. For starters they handed out fortune cookies with positive messages. Now they are giving these little "gardens" to the world. You have to make sure to water and nurture them, it's a really funny package..

fun garden

earth, seeds, a little horse and a tramping on the soon to be flowers...
now everyone gets to get a little garden, even if you live on the 6th floor..

tadaaaaaaa and this will come out... what a nice initiative...spread some kindness in the world..
have a look on their site, these 178 desigers are really really nice...; )
and more is coming...

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