Monday, April 2, 2012


FluffyCo is a small, friendly business committed to producing apparel, accessories, and decor through great design and sustainable production. Their line was started in San Francisco in 2005, from a blank sheet of paper and the idea to create a positive, inclusive, design-driven brand. Most of the production is made in the in the USA, making small batches and working with small and family–owned businesses whenever possible.  A word on water–based printing: FluffyCo prints a lot of products by hand using water–based inks, as opposed to the dominant plastic–based inks most often used in the industry. Water­–based inks has the same staying power as plastic, but is a less toxic, more eco–friendly option that gives the print a nice soft feel, especially after washing.
How cool, some love & tattoos, my favorite combo..

saw these lovin' organic totes in Frankie mag from Aussie

come fly to the website..
Happy Monday

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