Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mir jewelry

The collection of Mir jewelry consists of two different parts; unique pieces and a pearl collection. The unique pieces are hand crafted and made with silver combined with semi precious stones and beads. All beads and pendants are handcut in India. They are special designs. The Pearls for ever Pearls have historically had a fussy image; this pearl collection of Mir Jewelry shows that’s not the case anymore. The necklaces of fresh water pearls are often combined with sterling silver, shell or semi-precious stone pendants. All strings are hand knotted and the pearls have a unique shape and color. I also like the designs of the women wearing them...Made by Dutch designer Mirjam de Haan. A few years ago she indulged her passion for jewellery as her sole occupation and started her own jewelry brand - MIR jewelry. She finds her inspiration during her travels to exotic lands, looking for the most beautiful material to use in her collections. She works together with silversmiths in Bali and India and a part of the collection is made in her hometown of Amsterdam. The MIR jewelry collection is unique, stylish and timeless.
Which one you like best..?

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