Wednesday, April 11, 2012

People tree

i am not really into that flowery business, these stripes make up for it..
no stars but stripes...

There's a new brand at one of my favorite Amsterdam store Charlie & Mary, it's called People Tree, what a great name for a brand. The name already says a lot...I like these kind of handmade stripes...
For every beautiful garment UK based label People Tree makes, there's an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world. It's Fair Trade throughout.
People tree works closely with 50 Fair Trade groups in 15 countries. This way, the company can bring benefits to people and the planet. The label also works hard to ensure that they pioneer ecologically sound methods of production and minimize environmental impact. Not only is most of the cotton they use certified organic and Fairtrade, all of the clothes are dyed using safe and natural dyes. And the label sources as many products as possible locally, choosing natural and recycled products over toxic, synthetic and
                                                           non-biodegradable materials.

Not really stripes but also a People tree item...beautiful dress...

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