Thursday, May 3, 2012

Publisher Snor

Long, long before the moustache rage has set into our world, an original publisher in Holland started, with the name Dutch that sounds like 

They publish the most original books, this is one example of's a book your little one can give to his or her teacher at school at the end of the year. You can draw in the book, there are all sorts of funny questions about the teacher, how does she look, draw her a medalle, i think my teacher likes....(coffee, bananas etc), draw yourself..It's a little thank you book for the teacher and i would say well deserved...
i hope they translate in english real soon, you don't want to miss out of this fun...have a look at their website, there's a book "what to do on the backseat of a car", fish & veggie recepies and more and more...

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