Saturday, May 5, 2012

Store without a home

store without a home has found a home..
They used to move from one place to the other, but now they are settled...great location by the way
Store Without a Home is an Amsterdam based interior design boutique, representing international brands and talented designers. All items selected by Store Without a Home are authentic, quirky, surreal and will make your home more happy.

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Matchcarden is a tiny house complete with it's own little garden.
The box contains everything you need to cultivate your own cress lawn: simply attach your house to garden, sow the seeds and add a little water. In just a few days your garden will start to grow.

You can style your matchcarden by cutting out additional features included with each box. Add chimneys, rooftops, street lamps or even a water tower to make your building personal to you. There are three City designs to collect. How cute are these, they also sell m in the webshop...

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