Friday, June 15, 2012


Annliz just moved to the 9 straatjes, yeey...great location..
ANNLIZ has a Boutique in the sophisticated and trendy area called the Nine streets in Amsterdam.
Come and see & feel the stunning collections of labels that care for beautiful products made in a fair way. For adults and for kids...
And that's what we like...well i like...chosen with care, products that are made with love & passion and you can tell when you walk through the store...great labels, check it out! There's a webshop for the overseas darlings...No worries...

so cute, i wish i would have 8 daughters...; )
ok, 1...

lovvv these little pants from Emile et Ida..super cute french brand, they work very fair...

candles with teh scent of freshly cut grass and the first kiss of the night...woooh..

and more walking downstairs..follow me..

soooooooooooo cute...wolf boots...


  1. gorgeous blog!!
    so simple and elegant.
    I would so love a freshly cut grass candle, how lovely.

    Brenda (BYW)