Saturday, June 9, 2012

Butcher in Amsterdam

Right in the heart of Holland’s most famous market: the Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam. The happening scene of young urbans in ‘De Pijp’ as the perfect setting for this new concept. A Stylish burger bar serving top-quality burgers, prepared on the spot using only the freshest ingredients without losing perspective of good value for money. The relaxed atmosphere of The Butcher and the professional service level make for the ideal trendy yet relaxed meal out.
‘The Butcher’, the name says it all. The chefs choose to work only with the best quality meat: Aberdeen Angus beef thus committing to creating the ultimate burger. From the choice of meat, to the selection of herbs, the freshest vegetables, the magic signature sauces, right down to the homemade bun, The Butcher stands for quality, quality and more quality. True to it’s metropolitan location, The Butcher is a full service concept opening from 11 AM until after midnight. Whether you crave a late breakfast (yeey..), a tasty lunch, a hearty dinner or a midnight snack,The Butcher is the place to be.

There's a new B & B in town in Amsterdam...No not your regular B & B , but a Butcher, also known as a real good hamburger joint and an oldfashioned really cool Barber...Today the first B, the butcher..Ok, so me a real burger lover haven't checked it out yet, but i will really soon...
I lovvvv burgers, specially when they are made with such love & care...The menu looks briiliant...
There's The Butcher, The Butcher with cheese, The Daddy, The Butcher's wife favorite (that sounds like a great one)..Silence of the Lamb ...and many more to choose from..So i will post some pics real soon and let you know (no not on a meat free monday...).
Have a great weekend...

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