Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decor8 E- course

This is my second time i am following one of Holly's decor8blog ecourses, this time i am doin' blogging your way 2.0 ...and she and her great team have done it again. It's a great inspiring online course and you really learn a lot..
inspiring & stimulating
it's so nice of her to share all this valuable information with us..(us is about 500 students worldwide..)
you learn the nice tools of Photoshop, what to blog about, keep on blogging, blogging and your business, how to improve your blog ( i hope you have noticed..)
One of the things Holly told me what struck me is to be (personal) on your blog, that is don't have to share everything, but a little is nice...
Thank you Again Holly & your great team, i will be back for 3.0...

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