Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hutspot Amsterdam

Hodge Podge/Hodge Potch: a mixture, a jumble of styles; a thick soup, a hearty Dutch winter dish. Hutspot is a brand new store/shop concept, centrally located in Amsterdam on the Utrechtstestraat, at number 34. In their shop young and upcoming creative talents have the opportunity to sell their products in their own space within the shop. They currently feature more than 35 different brands. Literally everything is for sale… the artwork, the wall garden, the lighting fixtures, cupboards and shelving, the old 90cc Vespa scooter, even the cash register. Everything that is, except for our shop dog, “Gumbo”.
I am happy the dog is there to stay...These kind of concepts make me happy...They make space for creative a world where it looks like everything is becoming more of the same, they take lead back to being unique and stimulate being your own person...Selling great (small) brands, made with love & passion...
we need to stimulate that...go to the shop...; )

personally i lovvv these boots, they look as if you have worn them for years..

and like these bags...
have a look at their brands...

have a hodgy-podgy weekend..


  1. Echt leuke tips heb je steeds weer! Thanks voor de inspiratie!