Monday, June 4, 2012

Tony's chocolony

Tony’s Chocolonely is premium chocolate bar quality in classic chocolate bar form. Delectable Belgian chocolate ─ milk, dark, and milk with hazelnuts ─ Tony’s goes steps beyond Fair Trade on their chocolate-making, industry-changing, slavery-free chocolate mission. Wholesome chocolate with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or trans fats, and always GMO-free, Tony’s makes a pocket-sized bar, chocolate miniatures, and, the star of our chocolate-making “show” , a hefty, nearly half-pound chocolate tablet.

Try Tony’s and experience our passion for making chocolate and the spirit of our mission in every bite. We want Tony’s to become your favorite, too! Once you have tried it will...

and guess what i found on my doorstep the other day..
yep..this big huge unequally divided Tony's chocolate bar..
so why is it divided like this...cause the chocolate industry is still not equally fair puts your mind to think..very clever ...enjoy!!


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