Monday, July 9, 2012

Common good

Oooooh i found another product i really like....from design till end product...i like inside and outside..
Common Good was born from the idea that we were using too much plastic. They wanted to re-use those bottles, so they came up with a way to refill them.
They don’t come from a long line of soap makers. They were prop stylists in our former lives. And you can tell...With help from chemists and a lot of research, they’ve developed products that are safe for people, bunnies and the environment but also do the job at an affordable price. By creating a way for people to use less packaging, they hope to help create a safer, cleaner world. The products are 100% readily biodegradable and plant based where possible. They never test on animals. For the scented products they only use 100% pure essential oil. Oooooooooooooh i really like...You see, sustainable is cool...
I want them all....Yeey...all purpose spray, also for dogs, me and the whole family...??

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