Thursday, September 27, 2012

K.O.I jeans

K.O.I stands for Kings of Indigo, making jeans with a great fit, construction and wash. What sets them apart is the fact that they produce all this with a conscience. K.O.I is a Japanese carp fish, a century old sign representing luck, love and perseverance. K.O.I. names all styles after famous Kings and Queens of the world. K.O.I designs its garments to last long. No fashion forward styles, but classics you can wear season after season.

K.O.I uses recycled yarns as much as possible. There is so much waste in clothing, why not re-use the basic material and make new garments out of waste and old garments. First they cut old fabrics and clippings into fibers. Then they spin these fibers into yarns, and finally these yarns are woven into fresh fabric for the denims and tops. This process saves a lot of chemicals and water used to grow new cotton, making your new K.O.I purchase feel just that bit better. The recycling process isn't limited to our garments, all Kings of Indigo packaging is made from the best recycled material.

The K.O.I Triple R concept stands for recycle, repair and re-use. Using recycled material simply saves resources and as K.O.I stimulates you to repair your broken jeans by providing a special repairkit and organizing repair events, this helps you to re-use and enjoy your favorites longer. When repairing is no longer an option, just bring them back to the Kings and they will re-use the jeans to make new fabric out of them. Great!!

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