Friday, October 5, 2012

Note to self

Ooooooooooooooh notebooks or you call m journals...i think one day i'll start my own notebook seems i can never have enough, even if i don't use m..they are just this one has an interesting title....note to self...
what would you write to yourself...Stop eating, say NO more often, be still from time to time, do more exercise, be creative...blablabla...i know...

Then i saw a brilliant opening for a journal on Therese Sennerholt's it goes..i wish i had made this one up..
"This is not an ordinary notebook,
please fuck the to-do list and create some magic
doodling or write an epic love letter.
It's a beautiful day (not entirely true though, here....)
and you are way to gorgeous
to be doing boring stuff "(entirely true..)

So write some cute notes to self and fuck the to-do list...
Now i am off to do groceries and stuff...haha...
Happy weekend


  1. I saw your blog on decor8's bootcamp and since you live so close I figured I take a closer look... ;) I'm addicted to notebooks too... Have way too many according to my boyfriend... Love this one too!

  2. Me tooooooo, thank you for dropping by!