Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The White Briefs

Österlen, southern Sweden; its vast glowing greenly lit fields and roaring shores lined with stern prow stones, shape the invigorating backdrop of The White Briefs. The illusive design studio is tucked away behind a calm stretch of raw grassland, a meticulous crisp space, undisturbed by the semantics of society.
The studio aims to present consumers a thoughtful innovative vision of the day-to-day and the items closest to your skin that we utilize profoundly. The white briefs stands for its love for humanity, environmental & corporate responsibility, lush high quality fabrics and meaningful organic farming. Oooh i have to work a little bit to fully UNDER stand this one..butt it sounds sweet & soft & sustainable..
that's good enough for me...This the undie include the model below...
Found at great concept store (it's design week there this week..pop over..)

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