Thursday, November 29, 2012

Night smoke

Oooooh, i am addicted to those yummy scented candles right now. Especially now winter is coming...It's such a great way to spoil your self with these goodies, they really have a luxurous feel to them...i am intrigued by this night smoke "fellow"....i went to the website and saw it was out of stock, oh cr.....It looks so cool, plain & simple and it wears a mysterious name...the scent must be awesome...Made by Richmond Soap Company who also made the brilliant loser soap.  And one of the best parts is, it's made with organic, sustainable locally sourced ingredients...yeey....that's what i local, grow local, support local...and buy at the other side of the world, haha..

smokin' night, smokin' night fever....what do you think it smells like...i wish i could make it a little contest, winner gets one...

Happy day and treat yourselves...(with compliments...)


  1. Intriguing. I'm imagining that bonfire scent in the cold crisp winter air. :)

  2. Haha, that's a good one...yes this candle is intriguing, isn't it...?? I wonder.....; )