Monday, December 17, 2012


Great shop, coffee place, art house etc Cottoncake has some nice X mas goodies, that will make everybody happy..
Building castles in the air. ...everyone knows it: the colourful shimmering soap bubbles and building of castles in your mind. Here they meet. While blowing through the castle the most beautiful bubbles of soap are created – simply to dream away into your castle in the air.

Happiness box. ...tin box with 365 small cards with sayings, texts on the theme of happiness printed on them... for every day. Great 2013 pressie....

A bag of light. ....four white paper bags, four large tea-warmer candles and a piece of wire – the whole lot packed up together in a bag. The ideal light for outside – can be placed on a table or hung up. We all need some extra light these days...

Looking at stars. ...Alone or together. With these cards it is always possible. Simply hold the card against the light or in front of a candle or tealight and your own constellation is already gleaming, just as it does at times in the sky.

And while you're at it...Milou Neelen has an exhibition over there with some real fine art...
Happy Monday

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