Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Boyscouts

Boyscouts is a fashion label promoting elegance in urban life, with products varying from jewelry to bags and accessories. Combining urban and outdoor elements define the Boyscouts' signature: Contemporary fashion meets the esthetics and tradition of scouting. The Boyscouts believe in quality and local craftsmanship. Just like it's a Dutch brand! Have a look here for The Boyscouts website, or visit the next fairs: Modefabriek, OPTIONS! or Capsule in Paris or NY.
-Survival of the Finest-
What a great slogan...and that's where we will be heading the future decades...back to authenticity, passionate products, made by hand, local, organic, fairly made...they will be the survivers of the finest (products)..will you help them...
will you join in our crusade...haha..

Love this half moon...This collection of jewelry and fashion accessories is inspired by scouting. The signature of ‘the Boyscouts’ is defined by urban and outdoor elements: Contemporary fashion meets the esthetics and tradition of scouting. Material: Acrylic, Wood, Silver. So much choice..there's something for everybody..

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