Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Barbara de Ru

This is a sad thing about the period we are living in right now...on the one hand the crisis creates...in the sense of...with no or less money we are being forced to be creative again...that's the beauty of all the great little companies that arise now...most of them made out of real love & passion...on the other hand it's so sad to see when that sort of thing does not seem to work out....
Barbara de Ru is a designer who launched her long-anticipated own label ‘BARBARA DE RU’ in 2009. The Barbara de Ru label can be recognized by its details, artisan crafts and a perfect fit. Inspired by antique techniques from the middle ages, renaissance and folklore. These techniques were originally created for function and form and are now used in new and innovative ways. Sustainability is pursued, not only in fabrics but also in the ambition to make timeless fashion. All garments are designed to last, to make you keep and wear it for a lifetime. Made for the "gentle woman"..
“My collection is full of items you want to cherish. They are standards that make your wardrobe complete. Take the omnipresent cape: a very pure, ideal fitting design, available in various materials. Each material, however, creates its own form and figure, which transforms the same piece again and again". I am happy to see she says "we will never stop designing"...good for her..she will be back..

she also designed a "roots & wings" line, comfy clothes for pilates, yoga or like me hanging around the house clothes...This bracelet will always remind you of most precious things in life: roots & wings...
beautifully said...can someone give Barbara some extra wings now...thank u..

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