Thursday, April 18, 2013

Black Bird Tees

Super cool brand from the US...Lots of e-cool, eco & cool, stuff here. 
From start to finish, every single step of their production process is done in-house and by hand. They have a passion for handmade, and strive to make every aspect of their business look and feel like it comes from a real human being. All of the raw goods are sourced from American-based, sweatshop-free companies, they use environmentally friendly inks, and they recycle all of the screens. Even the shirt tags are hand printed and sewn in one at a time. Wow...These leggings are photographed so cool..they also have these cute shirts in their shop, the front is a beautiful birdcage, left open..
guess what's on the back...Made with passion, you can tell....Go fly over...

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