Thursday, April 25, 2013

Creative Creatures & Co

They are creative, educational, philanthropists. Their passion is a thriving future–youth whose imaginations are full and whose wonder inspires. At Creative Creatures & Co., they aim to expand the boundaries of art education. By offering inventive approaches towards instructing youth in traditional art techniques, they aspire to motivate young artists to think imaginatively, live sustainably, and interact with their communities. Creative Creatures & Co. began with the desire to cultivate an environment for youth to experience growth and inspiration. The goal is to encourage young artists to explore and share their creative talents, while offering their works to aid the greater needs of the community in which we live. The final hope is an outcome of enthusiasm and fulfillment for all involved. Creativity and sustainability can go hand in hand, we see it more and more...come on people...join this trend, it's not scary...It's unicorns, fairies & reality... 

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