Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Lovestoned Girl is a Wild Hearted, Free Spirited, Rock 'n Roll  Ballerina, a dreamer, a believer. She loves music festivals, gigs, theatre, photography, poetry, vintage, flowers, wine, a great beard, the sound of a guitar, lying in the grass, nostalgia, feathers, road trips, laughter, magic, old souls, the sun, the cosmos... She's raw, she's natural and she's not afraid to make statement. Lovestoned the label was born in the sky... somewhere over the Indian Ocean between the rugged coastline of Australia, beautiful Bali & the picturesque canals & streets of Amsterdam. Lovestoned is more than just a clothing collection; it's an essence, a belief & an attitude and brings a unique perspective on clothing as a lifestyle to a new market...I really like the description lovestoned fits all (ages)...i am a dreamer..haha..

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