Monday, May 6, 2013


Centre Commercial is a great great shop in Paris, combining fashion with social commitment and artistic project with environmental concerns, Centre Commercial is a space infused by varied influences. I lovvv the fact they are combining fashion and the environment...they can go hand in hand...Cool Veja shoes and much much more...
They offer labels made in France, Great Britain and Denmark and house second-hand bicycles, vintage furniture and art works. It is a collective space, uniting local, social and environmental initiatives. They just received this beautiful jewellery brand for men and women. In just five short years, Miansai has become one of the most sought after accessory brands worldwide. The handmade designs are rustic, classic and timeless. Hand casted and crafted in Miami, Miansai collections spare no attention to detail. Hand braided Italian leathers are individually assembled and cords are developed locally in Miami as well, providing unique and exclusive materials to the brand. Cool right...Are you hooked...??

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