Friday, May 31, 2013

This is paper..

So cute...make cookies think they're walnuts...haha...
and while you're at it, yourself as well...they are healthy...a good reason to have another one..
"This is paper" used to sell magazines only and now they sell real nice goodies as well...not only paper...They like to go back to basics, own just a few items, made and handled with care. No everyday item is too dull or too unglamorous to be carefully designed, handcrafted and loved. Beauty, they believe, lies in the simple objects we use everyday.  All products they sell in the shop are hand- made by them in the studio or sourced from environment-savvy suppliers. The Earth suffers no harm. Simplicity is king in everything they do. That sounds nice doesn't it...less is let's go nuts...
i saw this is paper at Frankie's

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