Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fish and Woods

They are an Amsterdam based company that designs bags. Bags with clear statements. Bags with identity. Bags with concrete engagements. Sometimes the statements try to slightly adjust the world around us, at other times they merely serve to provoke a little grin on your face in order to make this planet a funnier place to live on. F I S H & W O O D S considers itself to be pretty bombastic and out there, but don’t worry, there’s no vanity or conceit to be found. They've parked that car ages ago. Haha i like....i wish i had parked that g%*##%% car ages ago... Ridicule and smile, that’s basically it. F I S H & W O O D S offers a bag that has an identity, it is strong and made of 100% organic cotton. It will be your bag to differ, your bag to state, your bag to rock the hell out of your utterly great personality. That sounds great, to rock the hell out of your utterly great personality...go do that..So classic, so cheap, yet so savvy. They are unique because you yourself are unique and you wear it. So go off and be one of a kind. Be yourself, everyone else in taken..etc, etc....Put it in your bag... and i like logo.....

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