Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Miscellaneous Store

"Imagine! Everyone says what they mean and actually mean it. We all tell a few white lies here and there. Hell black and grey ones too but there's nothing like spilling the beans, sometimes....  Why sugarcoat what's really on our minds when it's so much more fun to take the chance and run with it. So lay it all out on the line, in words.  Boldness has beauty in it. 64 genuine messages offset printed with black envelopes hand-selected in a silkscreen printed wooden case. Paper qualities used for all cards and envelopes are produced by Arjowiggins from the range PopSet. Special finishing with silk screen printing. This set contains 1 wooden case, 64 greeting cards, 52 black envelopes in A6." Made by Joachim Baan. I don't know if i would send them all...nice fathers' day gift...have a look in their shop, they have the nice goodies...quality speaks...

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