Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hartland Brooklyn

Another pearl in must be bursting here with creativity..
And a girl can never have enough tattoos....
Hartland Brooklyn was founded in 2012 after Emily designed birthday cards upon birthday cards for her coworkers. Creating the right color combinations is very important to her, and because of this she hand paints elements of each card. This keeps her connected to each piece she creates. This also lets her add the neons that make her cards so unique and bright. All cards are hand illustrated, printed locally, and hand painted in her studio in Brooklyn – or created by letterpress by a local family run business in Manhattan, NY. Recycled materials and eco-friendly products are used when possible, and all the envelopes are 100% post consumer paper bags. "One of my favorite things about selling on etsy is having the ability to work with clients to create their own custom cards and invitations. There is something really incredible about connecting people from all over the world to work together on a project that they can always cherish". I soooo agree to this part, there's something really incredible about connecting worldwide...creatively...

And a lot of cute cards....go connect...


  1. Thank you for the post! Please email me your address at - I would love to send you some :)

  2. Sooo welcome! That's so sweet of you!!