Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sam en Haas

Sam & Haas was launched by Dutch actresses Katja Schuurman and Tara Elders and sculptor and jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden. They created a line of fairtrade jewelry for children and parents. Inspired by the creativity and spirit of children, Sam en Haas strives to make jewelry pieces appealing to children and their loved ones. 
Every Sam & Haas piece is made of sustainably sourced silver and gold, meaning that it is mined under good conditions, providing for the miners and taking care of the environment.
i like....
now comb your hair...

The See Right Through You necklace is made of ethically sourced silver and gold with rock crystal. The loop is made of rock crystal making it possible to look though it. The chain is made of ethically sourced silver with pyrites. Pirates.....?
I see right through you, you want one, right....

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