Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Atelier de l'Armée

Out of their mutual love for durable materials, timeless design and the continuous search for beautiful items they created Atelier de l’Armée. And they stick to their style... 

Their main goal is to create an inspiring environment that offers products that are well constructed, skillfully crafted and have great detailing. They are inspired by the functionality and durability of vintage workwear and military clothing. Since they care for the world they are always conscious of the environmental impact of the products. So they can proudly say that the handcrafted bags and leather goods are mainly build out of a zero waste philosophy. Wow, you can wonder who else could state something like that...
All Atelier de l'Armée bags are one of a kind, individually numbered and constructed from carefully selected materials. The distinct look of the materials can only be achieved by years of usage, therefore the bags may have stains, small repairs, errors, stamps or other natural wear. This is all part of their philosophy, it is what makes them special. Their bags are made by hand with great care for detail in a small workshop in Amsterdam. They are build to last and strong enough to hold all your belongings for the rest of your life...Cool item, right...i lovvv these colors.....About handcrafted bag 276 and 278..

This new backpack model is a roll-up backpack with two patched-on front pockets. The bag can be rolled-up to different heights and is still closable by the in height adjustable Swiss army belt. 

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