Friday, October 18, 2013

The Real Store

The r.e.a.l store is a shop in Australia and is a showcase for social, ethical and sustainable design and living. Their vision is to create a global brand that demonstrates the ability to merge profit, philanthropy, design and sustainability into a business model that focuses on ‘paying it forward’. They source the products based on the concept of ‘ordinary and extraordinary:’ ordinary products with extraordinary messages, ordinary people with extraordinary talent, brands that are inspired and people who are passionate. All the brands and products whether they be clothing, accessories, home ware, furniture, jewellery, candles, stationery or artwork are carefully selected to communicate a message for humanity. Each respective message can be found in the provenance, concept, design, writing or graphics in, on or around every item or brand for the store. At The r.e.a.l store, they seek to inspire human potential. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary, and they hope to facilitate that. They provide r.e.a.l friends with the opportunity to participate in relevant and important causes that support humanitarian issues across the globe.  And they do it so tasteful as well... have a look on their website....lots of beautiful goodies...get inspired.....Here's a black evening silk scarf hand embroidered with gold thread. Sorry for not so clear pictures....i am getting blurry.....

we are made for love...Desmond Tutu
Desmond Tutu is one of the inspirational participants in the Hands That Shape Humanity project. When he was asked to leave one message for humanity, these were the words he chose. The Hands jewellery range is hand crafted by Wayan, a young artisan in Bali who works alone supporting his family. Each individually hand-made piece is inspired by the message of the participant whose words it features. In crafting these beautiful pieces, Wayan is participating in the shaping of humanity. And in purchasing one, now you are too.  

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