Thursday, November 21, 2013


Zilalila was founded in 2010 by 2 Dutch girls Sam & Anita.
Each and every Zilalila product is fully handmade in Nepal according to fair trade practices, established by long-term relationships due to Zilalila’s frequent trips to Asia. With a passion, Zilalila focuses on working with a tremendous respect for the Nepali women, which goes far beyond the production process. Besides the opportunity for Nepali women to provide for their own income, Zilalila cares and uses a part of its proceeds to make education for the Nepali children possible and fun. They are combining sustainability with soft tones...Does is get any better....These blankets/bedspreads are made of 100% New Zealand Wool, size is 130 x 170 cm hand knitted in Nepal...

So cute these little birdies...they are all block printed by a traditional Nepali technique on hand woven cotton. Illustrated by Barbara van den Berg, printed on unbleached cotton, filled with cotton, size 120 x 200 cm, handmade in Nepal...Yum, soft and cozy...and winter is coming....

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