Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Circo Jewellery

Almudena Gil has been designing and producing her jewellery  under the name "Circo" since 2005. She makes the majority of the pieces in wax which she models herself by hand and which gives the pieces their strong identity.  Other pieces are created from objects which she finds in flea markets and antique shops and then adapts so that they can be incorporated into her designs. This gives them a bohemian feeling and infuses the jewellery with history. All her jewellery is made in Spain by artisan jewellers. Each piece is made individually and behind it is hours of meticulous craftsmanship, beautiful!! I lovvvv gives soul to the jewellery...The result is jewellery that is full of expression and texture. Her collections are relaxed yet surprising. Very surprising, i like...reminds me a little of the game of thrones jewellery which is also gorgeous and surprising....Surprise yourself with your initials necklace, hop over to her website...If you live in Amsterdam you can also buy here...MaisonNL

so cute to wear your own letter....

year of the need one like these...

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