Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dick Moby

They started Dick Moby because they wanted to address the plastic pollution of the oceans in a positive way. They, Tim & Robbert, grew up surfing and sailing ad experienced the plastic pollution of beaches and oceans first hand... Being both designers they are passionate about quality and sustainability. They wanted to make something positive out of plastic and address the problem of plastic pollution at the same time.  Over the past year, with the help of a lot of friends and the clever people at the production company and suppliers, they designed a beautiful collection of sunglasses, made out of a new bio- acetate....They truly believe that quality and sustainability should go hand in hand, so they didn't want to create packaging you would just throw away. They came up with a beautiful packaging made out of thick and sturdy recycled cardboard, a soft inside and a magnetic seal so that it can be used as packaging by also as a protective hard case. It looks really cool don't you think... check out the making of...you 'll be inspired....10 % of the profit goes to the Surfrider Foundation to prevent plastic pollution...but first things first....crowd funding...go join...cause here comes the sun....

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