Sunday, March 23, 2014

Valek Rolling Pins

Burger and french fries...on your cookies... It's time for unique and unimaginable pastries embossed with burgers and chips. This rolling pin also works with cakes, pasta, sugar frosting to cover the cake and even dumplings. Note, a great sense of humor required to purchase, haha.... These wooden rolling pins are 42cm long, 6cm diameter, made of beech. Zuzia from Poland laser-engraves them with a high precision, and oils them by hand. Everything is made locally with love there in Poland.  It imprints perfectly on cookies, though depending on the composition and colour of the dough you can get a more or less pronounced effect. And you can also have them custom made with your name(s) on it, cute pressie, right....Saw at Frankie...go bake people...

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