Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Harry find your tune...

Set of 10 Harry postcards

Harry believes that when people are in tune with themselves they are better able to take care of the world around them. Therefore Harry inspires people from all over the world to find their tune.
Everyone has a tune! A tune is a collection of moments in your life which make you feel happy and relaxed. Harry illustrates life by an empty music sheet, which is yours to fill in with your own notes. Once you find out what your melody sounds like, what your rhythm is, you know when you are in tune.
These moments are to be enjoyed, cherished and celebrated.
Harry inspires people to stay true to their tune by developing well-designed sustainable products and services. In a light-hearted way these products are  iconic tools for reflection. Cool tanks from free people, postcards like these and on Thursday April 10th the label Harry will be officially launched...To celebrate the launch of Harry Charlie & Mary will host the exhibition ‘Wall of Tunes’ in cooperation with Amsterdam based photographer Dim Balsem in our concept store in Amsterdam. This exhibition portraits people from different backgrounds and ages who share ‘their tune’.
Visit the Wall of Tunes exhibition between April 11th and June 11th for your own dosis of tune inspiration. The pictures are super cool....just like Harry...
Exhibition: ‘Wall of Tunes’ | When: April 11th – June 11th | Where: Charlie + Mary Concept store

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