Thursday, April 17, 2014

Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx is kind of a hobby that got out of control. She started a blog in 2006, showing the things she had made for fun in her studio. People seemed to like them, so she opened this Etsy shop, and started selling printed t-shirts and tea towels, stitched cushions and hand cut magnets. Then a wholesale enquiry arrived, she decided to take it on, and before she knew it, it was big business...She opened a brick-&-mortar shop in Cape Town at the end of 2011, and every day it is jam-packed with customers, orders & things to do. South African based Heather is a big fan of mid-century and Scandi design, which shows in her work. She finds inspiration for her work all around. She sees patterns in knives, forks, jugs, teapots, keys, plants, seeds, shoes, and just about every ordinary thing she sees. Or she sketches at home....Must be great to create like that...Oh, and the name "Skinny laMinx"? It comes from a playground chant that goes 'Skinnymalinky Long Legs, Big Banana Feet...", and mixed up a bit, it's a cheeky little name. I like...Beautiful designs...i blogged about her 3 years ago or was already a treasure...and everything is made in Capetown... 

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