Friday, May 2, 2014

Blom & Blom

Blom & Blom is about two brothers. Two brothers who share a passion for forgotten items from forgotten places. Unique items. Items that once had an industrial life, but have now been abandoned; left to perish. Items with a rich, and almost epic history. Items that deserve a new life. They collect, restore and redesign industrial lighting and furniture, in order to give these authentic pieces a new existence. With a particular passion for industrial artifacts from the former DDR, they stroll across East Germany in search of abandoned factories and the stories they hold. In their workshops in Amsterdam and Berlin, they carefully restore and modernize the collection with a personal respect to each object’s past. All products come with a ‘passport’ describing the item’s origin to help ensure that its rich history will not go lost... lost. Their pieces now live in restaurants, offices, and homes where they play a central role in defining novel interiors. The Blom & Blom collection is offered worldwide through their web shop or you can visit their cool shop in Amsterdam Noord. Check out these cool lamps...

Chrysantenstraat 20A
1031 HT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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